"It’s hard, isn’t it? Being apart from the person you care about?"
"The biggest part."

Bethany Joy Lenz for Bellus Magazine

Get to know Missy Peregrym (insp.)

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stillinski-hale: Chelsea YES! Do you know how hard it was making that mix?? I was so sad for like hours after I made it god damn brucas WHY CAN'T WE LET THEM GO NICOLE WHY!!!?? ITS BEEN LIKE 8 YEARS SINCE THEY WERE TOGETHER!!!



I JUST CAN’T. I don’t know why. Every time I try to let go, I am reminded why they were so perfect and i see all of their scenes and moments and im back on the delusional train. ILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LET GO BECAUSE IN MY HEAD THEY GOT MARRIED. 

With two boys and a girl.


IT WONT MATTER WHERE THEY ARE AS LONG AS THEY ARE TOGETHER. Karen’s house. COB still open. Lucas still writing and coaching. lucas stay at home dad. lucas and brooke playing with their kids. lunch dates at naley’s house. events together. 

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stillinski-hale: p.s Do I have a Nicole approved icon?? When I saw the video I was like NICOLE IS GOING TO DIE WHEN SHE SEES THIS! I couldnt wait to see you blog about it so I could have someone to talk to about it cause your the biggest Zashley shipper I know! Im so glad I found you <3

YES! I was on my bb blog when i saw it and i freaked out. I think i reblogged everything I could. i was incoherent from excitement. I hope they hang out again soon bc this was the best thing that has happened all summer in my celeb obsessed life. IM GLAD TOO. Im sorry ive been MIA. with school, and work i had no life and had no interest to be on this blog but im back. 

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lauriesholden: frankie is just an asshole who thinks he's famous, like back the fuck up dude. i ain't never heard of you till BB. hah. BUT GIRL, TEXT ME TOMORROW. (I got work, but that's never stopped me before;) I'm heading to bed. 😘

He has said so much shit, you would not believe it. like gross. DUH! I should be going to bed but im not tired yet so….



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