Really make the place mine.

you can't say shit like that and not get kissed

I just finished watching both seasons of the fosters. I need someone to tell me when it comes back, please?!

marinasqu: ARE WE READY?! You bet we are. Can’t wait to LIVE TWEET with you all in ONE WEEK! I’ve missed you guys! #ChicagoPD #IsVoightGuilty
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i hate when people think youre lying just because you laugh

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I try so hard not to spoil myself by going into the tag of a show I’m currently watching and I just did. Why do this to myself?

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Title: Outlaws
Artist: David Lambert
Album: The Fosters
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Song of the Day

Day 1: #FostersFriday- Outlaws by David Lambert

I think we might be outlaws

I think I might be in love

Outlaws by David Lambert is the first Song of the Day because it is absolutely my most favorite song as of the past 9 months, since it has been released. After I first heard the song before a new episode of the tv show The Fosters, I fell in love with it. The lyrics are perfect and are so touching and romantic. David Lambert who plays Brandon Foster on The Fosters does not disappoint with this song, his voice is pure heaven. He needs to release an entire album of some solo music like right now. I’m more than looking forward to hearing more of his music on the second half of the second season of The Fosters. <3


Favorite Fictional People: Tom Haverford (Parks and Recreation)

I have never taken the high road but I tell other people to ‘cause then there’s more room for me on the low road.

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